Makoɲa ani makosa

When and how do we use “mako nya ani mako sa” and what is the reason behind the expression?

Hi Ibrahim!

Did you look up the expressions in the dictionary? They are both there:


If the definitions aren’t enough, can you explain specifically what you don’t understand about how/when to use to expressions?

Or do you specifically mean the expression “Makoɲa ani makosa” together as a saying?

Your response is perfectly okay.

I heard it in a song and wanted to share. It read:
“Sungurun ɲuman ni tɛ mako ɲa, e kana mako sa”.

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As for song, I imagine that it might be:

Sungurun ɲuman nin tɛ mako ɲa…

This good girl doesn’t fix one’s need’

But I am not sure!

Ok. Noted with thanks