I heard this word in a song in Ghana and I still struggle to understand.
This was how it was used:

Haliko ni le bɛ juguye ni na kasa… ko bɛɛ laban

Any ideas on what it means or what I am looking at?

I ni ce, Ibrahim! Can you offer a partial or attempted translation of your attempt to transcribe the lyrics of the song? That could help.

It could be different words: hali ko nin ‘even this affair/thing’, for instance, but it’s hard to know out of context…

The song talks about our deeds,the effects and the need to cautious because of death and afterwards judgement. I think your explanation has given me an idea of it

It like "Hali ko nin le bɛ jugu ye, ni na ka sa lon mina aa ko bɛɛ laban…

Which would mean exactly? I see a lot of pieces that I recognize potentially, but the spelling makes it hard to know. Plus, I don’t know what is considered grammatical in the Jula/Dafin of Ghana.

Here are some pieces…

Hali ko nin le bɛ/ye jugu(man) ye…
‘Even if an affair is bad’


ka sa lon min na
‘the day which one dies’

(This isn’t a complete clause, so we would need to figure out what’s going on before or after)

ko bɛ laban
‘an affair/affairs end’

Hello Coleman,

I think your explanation is okay. I have also downloaded the keyboard you recommended foro me.
Thank you

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