O tuma, an ma bɛn! Ne ye Jalo le ye dun!

Hey @coleman! In ‘Na baro kɛ’ eposide 10: Joking cousins in West Africa starting at 5:18, I have two questions about how you said what you said.

A! Donc, an- o tuma, an ma bɛn! Ne ye Jalo le ye dun!
Oh! In that case, we’re not gonna get along! I’m a Diallo [a Fulani last name], you know!

  1. I have seen ‘o tuma na’ (in that case)… but here I see you’ve said ‘o tuma’… are they both correct?

  2. From the dictionary explanations, An ka taa’s and Bamadaba’s, I can’t quite figure out the meaning of your usage of the word ‘dun’ and your translation of it as ‘you know’?

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I ni ce, Christy!

I took the liberty of replying to your individual questions as separate topics. In this case, you were asking about one set of utterances, but I think that as it turns out, it’s best to go with the default “one post - one question” principle :slight_smile:

PS - It make me super happy to think that you are watching and studying Na baro kè videos so closely :partying_face:

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