Mali sajo / "Mali sadio"

My question is what the meaning of mali sajo (sometimes spelled “Mali Sadio”) is in Bambara. The word is used in many songs but everyone I have asked that speaks Bambara doesn’t have a clue about what the meaning is behind the word. Thank you!

Hi Malik! Thanks for posting!

Can you offer a bit more context on a specific song or two? Or perhaps you can offer up the surrounding words that appear around “Mali Sajo” to help us?

And to be clear, you are curious about the expression, “Mali Sajo” and not just the word “Sajo”?

I did a quick search in the Bambara Reference corpus and I found many hits for both “sajo” (55 times) and “sajɔ” (44 times); most of them look they are first names. Maybe you could dive into them a bit?