Burkina Faso Regions

excuse me someone can help me to translate in bambara , using the n’ko , I have searched a long time ,please
Centre Region
Centre-Est Region
Centre-Nord Region
Centre-Ouest Region
Centre-Sud Region
Hauts-Bassins Region
Plateau-Central Region
Sud-Ouest Region

I ni ce, Antoine!

I have never run into a Burkina map written in N’ko, so I can’t say how someone would translate these bureaucratic French region names into Manding.

I imagine it would be a bunch of variants using the word for “region”: mara (ߡߊ߬ߙߊ)

I see, so these names cannot be translated
example : i found regions on wikipedia about Mali and Guinea , so I imagine there will be more regions other countries but i don’t know where i find them
these names how it will be
boucle du mouhoun