Lamine Konté - Signaró

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Since the person in question grew up in Kolda, Casamance region, I’d like to ask if therefore he sings in Manding? For example, this song, Signaró:

If it’s Manding, could someone please write down what he says at 2.43, 4.02 & 5.06 (it’s repeated but still).

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Nba! I ni ce, Nanchy!

His name is Manding and the style of music appears to me to be Manding. That said, I don’t recognize clearly the form of language that he is singing in. It certainly isn’t Bambara/Jula or Maninka, but it could be Mandinka from the Senegambia region.

Mandinka is Western Manding (all the others are Eastern Manding) and is different enough that it is not mutually intelligible for me.

But maybe @Fadiga or @Kamaradeni can help?

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