Separate "Language" subcategories for particular varieties like Bambara/Dioula, Malinké, Mandinka, etc

Aw ni ce!

In light of some of the recent discussion about Mandinka (as spoken in the Senegambia), which is quite different from the Bambara/Dioula that many of the Forum users are interested in or learning, I’ve created three new separate subcategories for the major “dialects” or varieties:

  • Bambara/Jula (combined because of how close they are)
  • Maninka (AKA Malinké)
  • Mandinka (AKA Mandingo

Having them as separate categories will make it easier for people to find or follow what they are interested in. (Though they are housed under “Language” so they are also unified :slightly_smiling_face:).

Down the road, this will be really useful for the upcoming integration with the dictionary too!

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