Manding Non-Verbal Copula Correspondences

Below are some non-comprehensive correspondence tables for non-verbal copula constructions across the four major Manding varieties.

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Marker Bambara Jula Maninka Mandinka Examples
Presentative don lo le le mu Sa don
Sa lo
Sa le
Saa le mu

“It’s a snake”
Qualitative (Verbs) ka/man ka/man ka/man * N ka kɛnɛ
N ka kɛnɛ
N ka kɛndɛ
(N kendeyaata le)

‘I am healthy’
Equative ye … ye ye … ye ye … (le) di mu… (le) ti Adama ye karamɔgɔ ye
Adama ye karamɔgɔ ye
Adama ye karamɔɔ di
Adama mu karamoo ti

‘Adama is a teacher’
Situative ye be Sita bɛ yan
Sita bɛ yan
Sita ye yan
Sita be jaŋ

‘Sita is here’


  • Bambara = standard Malian Bambara
  • Jula = standard Burkinabè Jula
  • Maninka = standard Guinean Maninka
  • Mandinka = standard Senegambian Mandinka
  • * = absent

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