How would one say “sadly” or “unluckily” in Maninka? I found “kádatɔ” in Malidaba for “unlucky” as an adjective/noun, but I’m not sure how to turn it into an adverb.


Hi! Welcome to the Forum, Sevi :slight_smile:

How about something with ... bolo ma (which often works for what English expresses via adverbs)?

For instance:

Jusutiɲɛ bolo ma

Lit. ‘In accordance with heartbreak…’


Sunun bolo ma

Lit. ‘In accordance with sadness…’

I ni ke ɲɛfɔli la, Coleman!


Hi @sevi , can you give us the context or an entire sentence? It will be easier to provide options. :slight_smile:

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Hello @Antoine_FENAYON,

Of course! It would be something like “Unfortunately/sadly, I could not come”

Ok thank you! I understood.
I think that in bambara it’s better to say something like “Hakɛ to, ne ma se ka na”.
“Hakɛ to” means “forgive me”.

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