Understanding Some Differences between Maninka and Bambara

Continuing the discussion from Baake:

Hi Coleman, I am interested in understanding better the source you added. I think the grammer slightly different than what I am used to, is it in Maninka?

Tele = tile (In Bambara?)
Tele baa: like big sun or powerful sun ?

‘Tele baa bɔ baakɛ’: I think in Bambara we would usually say ‘Ni teleba bɛ bɔ’ in this case right?

In the second sentence:
Would ‘ye’ be ‘bɛ’ in Bambara as it is in the present?

‘kɛla’: Isn’t ‘kɛ’ an transitive verb, which is why there is ‘a’ before it, and then ‘la’ maybe be making the sentence progressive like for example: ‘N bɛ dumuni de la’ (I’m eating).

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I ni ce, Malik! Thanks for making this a distinct topic :slight_smile:

That said, would you mind reposting your questions as distinct topics in the Maninka subcategory using the words that you don’t understand as the title? For instance, something like this:

  • tele baa
  • I ye mun kɛla

Don’t forget to include the reference sentence and your hypotheses regarding the meaning in the body of the post too! And if you can, please link back to the original discussion like you did here.

Sorry to be a stickler for this stuff, but the principle of specific questions and “one question - one post” is important for making the Forum a searchable reference for people that will be useful in the long term.

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