For peace | Hɛrɛ kosɔn

Good day all, i would like to confirm that kósɔ̀n hɛ́rɛ is the proper way to say “for peace” in Bambara.

Thank you

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This might be correct because kósɔ̀n means “because of” and hɛ́rɛ means “peace”, but the thing is, kósɔ̀n is a post position, therefore the word that you are referring to would come before it.
For example o kósɔ̀n means “because of that”.

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Hi, Phil! It’s not correct.

Indeed, kosɔn is a postposition so it would be “Hɛɛrɛ/hɛrɛ kosɔn” and that could in theory be translated as “for peace” depending on the context. Could you please provide more here and in the future so that it helps others? :slight_smile:

And here’s a general reminder to everyone to provide full context of use and to formulate a specific question and not just a request for translation or proofreading :slight_smile:

Ideally, this topic could have been formulated something like this:

TITLE: For peace
POST: Is it appropriate/correct to use kosɔn in translating “For peace” in the context of an exchange like “- Why did you move to the countryside? - For peace!”

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Full context, got it :+1:

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