I ni ce,

I know this is kind of a niche question, but is there a word for Zoroastrian(ism) in Bambara? I can’t find one online.


I myself didn’t know what Zoroastrianism was and had to look it up.

I have no idea if the religion has or had any uptake in West Africa, but the Wikipedia article doesn’t hint at any.

As such, I imagine that there might not be a locally rooted Bambara/Manding term for it. Instead, might just use a loan from the French zoroastrisme.

In one French-N’ko dictionary that I have, the author lists ߖߙߊߘߛߌߕߙߊߦߊ (járadistaraya) for “zoroastrianisme”, for instance, which looks like a phonologically adapted loanword.


Thanks! This will be helpful for introductions :slight_smile: