Praise and shared interest in lyrics after posting "Mogoya"

Hi Christy, great to see your translation of both of those Oumou Sangaré songs. I have a particular interest in Bambara song lyrics as well and am working on some translations for songs by another singer from Mali. Unlike you I’m a complete beginner so mostly depending on Coleman and another Bambara speaker to help, but it’s an interesting process. I’ll be sure to share when it’s finished because I’m sure you’ll be interested in hearing these songs and reading the translations.


I ni ce Odhran! :blush: That’s wonderful. Please do share. I look forward to that. Dusu ta!

I ni ce! I am new to An Ka Taa and the forum. The translation of the Oumou Sangare song was great - what a great surprise. Steve


I ni se, Steve! Welcome, Steve! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the An ka taa community Steve! :slightly_smiling_face: