Help transcribing (and translating) "Mogoya" by Oumou Sangaré?


This is a long shot and I apologize for using this forum incorrectly. I am looking for some help.

There is a song I have been fascinated by, but I haven’t been able to find the lyrics or pronunciation anywhere.

The song is Mogoya by Oumou Sangaré (you can listen to it on Youtube) and all I have been able to find is that it is in bambara.

I would love if anyone here could help transcribe the lyrics and shine a light on the proper pronunciation.

I am almost sure this is not what this forum is for, but I would really love if anyone could help. It’s a beautiful song and I really want to get the full message. I am also certain that a lot of people on Youtube will appreciate it when I share the findings with them too. I am not the only one looking for the lyrics and pronunciation.

Thank you!

I have done my best to translate this song. It’s not always easy to pick up, with the ear, what’s being said and neither is determining the proper context, at times.

Critiques are welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:

Mogoya song lyrics w/ English translation YouTube link is below.


You even took the time to make a lyric video. This is amazing! You are amazing!

Love the song, love the language. You’re the best, Christy!

Thank you!


You’re welcome! :blush:

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Happy to share that @Christy and I finished working on an updated version of the “Mogoya” lyrics for the Lyrics Library :slight_smile:

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