How to write Latin-based Bambara on iPhone?

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Thank you, Malik!

I just found Coleman’s post (How to type in Bambara (with the "special letters") — An ka taa) and it answered all my questions, except one :slight_smile:

How can I write Latin-Bambara on iPhone? GBoard for iOS doesn’t have it, and the Polyglot App is $15. Not as if it would crack my budget, just wondering if I missed some free solution? I appreciate paying for services, but this keyboard setup is such a basic thing.

Thank yɔu,
K’an bɛn (Yes I managed to install Kɛyman’s Bambara on osx),

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Hi Boka! I don’t have an iPhone so hard me to troubleshoot or provide ideas. Someone on Twitter suggested the following ideas:

Let me know if either of those ends up working for you!

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Thank you very much Coleman, I succeeded with Keyman on iOS!!

It’s working!!



Great! I’ve updated the “How to type in Bambara” blog post accordingly :slight_smile:

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