Help with correct spelling

Greetings, I hope everyone win great spirits.

I hope to have help in the correct spelling of “ Mamadou Diakite” in N’ko script. I am practicing and I am wondering if I spelled it correctly. See below

ߖߞߕߋ ߡߊߡߊߘߎ

I would greatly appreciate any help. I ni ce

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Hi Mamadu! Thanks for posting.

In terms of your name, the first thing I can say is that you have written it backwards in N’ko. That is, it reads with your last name first followed by your first name: “Jakete Mamadu” (albeit in N’ko).

The other thing that jumps out is that you have written "Jakete and not “Jakite”.

Finally, you have not included any tonal diacritics (that is, the “kanmasere”) on top of your N’ko letters. If you are a beginner that’s fine, but in the long term, you will want to learn to add them.

Hope that helps.

PS - Just as heads-up, the N'ko-English category isn’t really meant for “proofreading”. Here’s the relevant language in the “About the N’ko-English Category” topic:

  • Is your question a request for translation or proofreading?
    Yes? Then you are in the wrong place. This forum focuses on specific questions about text. It is not a place for seeking free translations or proofreading. Discussion should center on the word or phrase in the thread title.

In any case, I am happy to help you! But maybe I will need to think of a special category for queries like yours since they don’t really fit anywhere currently

Thank you

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