Dugu bila ka fisa ni laada wuli ye

Aw ni baara! Could somebody explain this expression in Bambara , “dugu bila ka fusa ni lada wili ye”. Aw ni ce.

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@Omar I’m familiar with this proverb from the Peace Corps Bambara Language Manual.

Dugu bila ka fisa laada wuli ye.
Abandoning the village is better than its custom/tradition rising up.

(Leaving the village is better than suffering the consequences of its custom/tradition.)

But maybe someone else has a better translation interpretation?

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I ni ce, @Christy ! Thanks for finding the presence of this proverb elsewhere :slight_smile:

That said, I think that the meaning is more like this:

'Leaving a village is better than ‘overthrowing’ a custom/tradition"

(Also, thanks for flagging the need to create a separate post for a new question – I’ve gone ahead and moved @Omar’s question and your response to a new topic.)

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Nse! Ahh! I see… I haven’t thought anymore about this proverb until now but my other note on it, that I didn’t share, is ‘Leaving the village is better than destroying its custom/tradition’. So, I see now that that one lines up more with the correct translation. :slightly_smiling_face: Cool!


Aw ni ɲatuma , thanks to Coleman and Christy for the explanation about this Bambara proverb " dugu bila ka fisa ni laada wili ye* aw bɛɛ ni ce.