I kɛ pewu

Hello, I’m wondering what this expression means. I kɛ pewu (don’t worry…?).

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I don’t know this expression. Can you please provide more context to guide myself or others?

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I don’t know this expression either. But maybe @Omar can answer it. :slightly_smiling_face:

PS - Welcome to the Forum Omar! :partying_face:


My understanding on this topic. ‘I kɛ pewu’ is relax, calm down, and yes @malikdiallo, also don’t worry. For example, when your child begs you to buy something for him/her, you would say to them ‘i kɛ pewu’ to insure them that you will buy it for him/her.

Another explanation for ‘i kɛ pewu’ is calm down. Like when someone hits your child and you say to him/her “I kɛ pewu!” And tell them “I’m going to hit the person back” just to make the child calm down.


I ni ce, Omar! :slight_smile: Sounds like it is close to the expression “Chill!”

Interestingly, it seems to literally be something like, “Make yourself complete” or “Do yourself fully” – it’s hard to think of an English expression that I know that gets anywhere near that.

I’d also note that I see the expression in some other texts in the Bambara Reference Corpus.

For instance, it shows up in a folktale where the hyena (suruku, who always competes with the sonsanni ‘hare’) tries to assure his wife that he will get for her the same thing that the hare has gotten for his wife:

Suruku y’i kanto a muso ma: “I kɛ pewu, ni Ala sɔnna n bɛ taa a ɲɔgɔn ɲini"

'The hyena addressed himself to his wife: “Be calm, God willing, I will go seek the same”



Thank you Coleman your good explanation.


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