Damakasi | complaint; charges (law)

In a recent Facebook post on “An ka so”, they covered Iba Montana and the charges he is facing in some legal procedures in Mali.

In it, they use damakasi as a formal term for legal complaint (Fr. plainte):

Sidi Sisɔkɔ ni bɛɛ b’a weele ko Iba Mɔntana, a weelela bi Bamakɔ sigida 4nan sariyaso fɛ k’a sabu kɛ maa caman ka damakasi ye nin kamalennin in juguya la.

‘Sidi Sisoko, also known as Iba Montana, was called to the courthouse of Bamako’s fourth district because many people’s complaints/charges accuse him’

(I believe that juguya is being used as verb here, but I am open to other interpretations :slight_smile:)

This usage of damakasi seems to be slightly different what is in Bamadaba, where it is glossed as the equivalent of plaidoyer (‘a favorable petition’), etc.