Tones (kanmaserelu) in N'ko

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Hey Coleman, I would like to add a related question to this one. I’ve been learning N’ko via your videos and I’d really like to learn the whole tone marking system, the kanmaserelu. Something with a written explanation but also with audios so I could learn how to pronounce them as well as writing them at the same time.

Plus, are the tones in Maninka and Bambara similar? Or they are very different?

Thank you so much!!


I ni ke, Forest! Thanks for letting me know and suggesting the video :slight_smile:

I hope it’s something that I can get to sooner rather than later!

PS - I answered your question about Maninka vs Bambara tones here to try to use the “one question - one topic” princple that makes it useful for others when searching.

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I ni ce Coleman. I will pay more attention to 'one question-one topic" principle as I get more familiar with this forum.

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