Bambara vs Maninka tones

Continuing the discussion from Tones (kanmaserelu) in N'ko:

In general, the tones are the exact same across Maninka and Bambara (as well as Jula). This is especially the case for “content words” (that is, nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.).

There’s one or two grammatical or “function” words (or usages) where the underlying tone can be different, but it’s nothing major. Most people just view it as a question of “accent”.

It’s worth noting that there is at least one region where the tones are systematically inverted. The most famous example of this predictable shift is in the Jula of Odienné in Côte d’Ivoire and the surrounding area. It’s well documented in the works of the French linguist Cassian Braconnier (and others) who wrote an entire dictionary focused on that variety: “Dictionnaire du dioula d’Odienné: parler de Samatiguila”.