Tone/accent explanation

Also are you able to make a video on how the different accents sound like in Bambara? For example à. That would very much help me, thank you.

Hi Malik! Here’s an app called Bamanankan. It has what you’re requesting. Click on the KANHAKƐ JIGINNENW NI YƐLƐNNENW tab.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for sharing this option, Christy!

FYI for others, I had a look and you need to: click on “Siginidenw” (‘Letters’) button first before clicking on “Kanhakɛ jiginnenw ni yɛlɛnnenw” (‘Low and High Tones’)

PS - While in English, laypeople call them “accent marks” because that is the name in French, etc., that can be a little misleading in the case of Bambara since they actually don’t mark anything like “accent”. Instead, I like to call them “(tonal) diacritics” or “tone markers”, etc. “Diacritics” is the neutral technical term that specialists of orthography use for so-called “accent markers”.


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