The reason I don't like X is

Continuing the discussion from O le kosan / Mun Kosan:

Hi Fassah! I’ve made this a separate topic to focus specifically on the part of the English sentence that you want to express in Maninka with kosɔn.

Basically, you want to say “The reason (that) I don’t like X is …”. The rest is other details that I won’t address here.

You can render this with kosɔn, but I’d probably do so like this:

X man di n ye kun mɛn kosɔn, o ye ko…

Lit. “X isn’t pleasing to me reason which because of, that is that…”

As you can see, this is a relative sentence and it needs to be structured rather differently from the English. This is generally the case in Manding!

Hope that helps :slight_smile: