Tele baa bɔ

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In this sentence:

Tele baa bɔ baakɛ , i ye a kɛla di?

Does tele baa mean big sun or powerful sun like how we would say tileba in Bambara for ‘big sun’ or is ‘baa’ in Maninka an adjective that means powerful for example saying a strong car: mobili fanga ?


baa is the hypothetical or conditional predicate marker akin to mana in Bambara.

(PS - It’s a separate issue, but you can’t say mobili fanga for ‘strong car’ in Bambara; you could say ‘mobili fangama’ though)

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Thanks for the explanation, nevermind about my example. I just checked in the dictionary and it’s a noun, not an adjective. Thanks for the -ma explanation!!

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