Swirl in Bamako (Film)

Swirl in Bamako” film on YouTube with English subtitles.

Short film discription: Makan runs into an old friend who runs a lottery kiosk and his friend persuades him to buy a ticket. He puts the ticket in his jacket pocket and forgets about it. As you’d probably expect, Makan’s numbers come up and he wins the jackpot. However, he’s misplaced the jacket that he left the winning ticket in which sends him on a “swirl” of a journey through the streets of Bamako in search of it.

Note: The English subtitles aren’t perfect. But, for anyone learning Bambara, if you use this film for added practice, as you rewatch and as you begin to comprehend and understand Bambara more and more, you’ll eventually find yourself not needing a translation. At the same time, you’ll also find yourself, here and there, making your own mental translation corrections! :partying_face: #LevelUp