Can anyone shed light on the expression sumu-kanu (potentially sumukanu or sumu kanu)?

It appears in a version of Oumou Sangaré’s song “Diaraby Nene” where she sings about the “shivers of romance”. Here’s an excerpt of where I think it appears:

N ko, Awa Suko, diɲɛ ye jigi ye, Ala
I say, Awa Suko, life is (about) hope, oh God

N ko, Masidé Gassama, diɲɛ ye sumu-kanu ye
I say, Masidé Gassama, life is (about) social gatherings

(The line in question appear at ~2:27 in this video)

I am wondering if the word comes from sùmu meaning ‘an all-nighter’ and kànu meaning ‘love’ and refers to the idea of ‘a love for being out all night’ (in the sense of romantic liaisons that take place late at night and you don’t go to bed early)?

The expression and its variants seem to be absent from the Bambara Reference Corpus.