"sila" ("road") and "health" ("kende/kendeya"") in N'ko

Hi! I would like to incorporate N’ko into the logo for my traditional medicine practice. The name of my practice is Silk Road Health. I’m using Chinese characters for “silk”, but I’d like to render either “road” or “health” in N’ko as an homage to the great medical traditions of Manding. Can anybody help me out?

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I ni ke, Arouna! I ni fama sa!

The word for health as you know (:slightly_smiling_face:) is kɛndɛya. In N’ko in citation form, it’s written: ߞߍ߲߬ߘߍ߬ߦߊ

The word for “road” would typically be sila. In N’ko in citation form, it’s written ߛߌߟߊ

Hope that helps! Ko n ye i la denbaya fola!

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I ni fama fewu!

That’s perfect! Thank you so much!

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