Season 2 of "Na baro kè"!

Aw ni ce! I’m going to Côte d’Ivoire in November to film a second season Na baro kè (and hopefully work on some other projects too!)

Do you have topics that you think I should cover? A part of life in West Africa that you are dying to learn about? Or a cultural concept that deserves to be documented? Let me know or get in touch!

PS - Full announcement in text and video format is here :slight_smile:


Hey Coleman, I think music and dance would make a really nice topic! From my experience living in Senegal and Guinea, dance and songs seem to occupe a large part of people’s lives in the region. I wonder whether that’s the same in Côte d’Ivoire. Plus, a lot of Mandigue languages learners may be drawned to the language first through music and dance, so it can be topic that people want to explore.

There are also so many related questions that can be asked, for example, on what occasions do people dance? Do they ever feel self conscious? What is their opinion on traditional music or contemporary music? What the role of dance and music in their culture? etc

Thank you and have a nice trip!

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I ni ke, Forrest! :slight_smile: Thanks for chiming in with some topic ideas. I love the possible questions that you highlight for getting at “music/dance” – especially the self-conscious one, which I think could be pretty fun!

PS - I will be in touch with you and the other patrons soon about helping me choose some of the finalist topics!