Reporting mistakes in the dictionary

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Just wanted to flag that there’s a specific dictionary page for submitting “Mistakes” (typos, etc.) that I set up.

You can access it currently under “About” in the menu:

My thinking is that this makes it easier not to “clog up” the Forum with topics about simple typos. Plus, anyone can submit; you don’t need to be a member of the Forum.

Let me know if the Mistake page is not as easy to use as the Forum though and perhaps I can think of an alternative or even create a category specifically for mistakes.

Curious what you, @malikdiallo and @Christy, think since you both recently reported potential mistakes and weren’t sure how to reach out.


Using a real example…

Can you maybe add a ‘flag’ tab of some sort right here?

And then have a correction box open up like this?

And have it where the ‘dictionary word’ is put in the blue circled part (can be copied and pasted over), then the options to choose from in the yellow bracket part… in this case ‘add English’. And then in the green circle area have it say submit/flag or something?

And boom! It’s done! Is that possible? Or something similar? Sure would be quicker and easier I think… :slightly_smiling_face: when I’m in the dictionary, on my grind, the mistakes form is too much to have to deal with… I think it works if someone is just looking through for a word and then they see a mistake somewhere… But when you’re going through the dictionary while working or studying it’s too focus time consuming to have to click on that ‘about’ tab, then the ‘mistakes’ tab, and then to have to write ALL of the info in… and then go back to what you were doing.

That’s my two cents! :upside_down_face:

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I ni ce, @Christy! This is great feedback – thanks so much for thinking through a specific example and potential flow of things :slight_smile: Something like what you describe might be possible within the current framework/code infrastructure, but it’s not something that I can do my own since I’m not a computer programmer :pensive: (yet?)

I’m going to keep your post flagged though and talk to the developers that I work with, so I’ll keep you posted!

That said, a change might not happen soon given budget and time constraints haha :grimacing: So in the meantime, submit via the form or the forum as best you can amidst your flow! I ni baara!

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Nse! You’re welcome, @coleman! Just submitted through the mistakes form to try it out… it doesn’t give the option to take you back to the dictionary… more specifically the place you were. Is that a quick fix? Like adding a tab of some sort to take a person back into the dictionary?

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That’s a good idea and yes, I think that a quick fix would be to have the link “Mistake?” open as a new tab/window, so that you don’t your place :slight_smile:

I’ve put in the hopper to fix/improve! I ni ce!

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