No thank you

Hello, what is the best way to say “no thank you” like refusing something nicely? I was thinking ayi a ka ɲi (ten). Thanks

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I think that À ka ɲi ten (Lit. ‘It is good like that’) could maybe work.

But to my mind, it is used more often in a context where someone is serving you good and it has reached an appropriate amount. For instance:

Ka dɔ fara à kan?
Ayi, à ka ɲi ten!

– Shall I serve you some more?
– No, that’ll do!

If you give more context for a situation when exactly you wanted to “No, thank you” than perhaps other options may come to mind.

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Thanks, yes. Maybe in the context when you finish your plate of food and someone is saying to you to have more.

In that context, you could also say, Ne ka ɲi ten (as in, “I’m all good” in American English).

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