New Video: From Quranic School to Mobile Money

Aw ni ce! New AKT profile video is out :slight_smile: It’s in Dioula with same language subtitles so you can read every word (or follow along with the translation) :wink:

The video profiles my friend Badala, who works as a mobile money vendor and Quranic teacher in Kong, Côte d’Ivoire. We first met in 2009 while I was serving in the Peace Corps in Burkina Faso. Our friendship grew as we played soccer, chatted, and drank tea together, often while he worked as a cobbler on market days. Halfway through my time in Burkina, when Badala was 22, his family sent him to their ancestral hometown to pursue Quranic studies with his older brother. To make ends meet, he initially worked as a street-side gasoline vendor. Later, he ventured into the ‘transfer’ business, working as an agent for cellphone credit and mobile money transactions. In 2022, I had the fortunate opportunity to visit him and his family. During this visit, he shared insights into his personal journey from Quranic studies to becoming a mobile money vendor.

I hope you all like it!