"N bɛ nin fɛ", "N tɛ nin fɛ" — fila yirala i la

“N bɛ nin fɛ”, “N tɛ nin fɛ” — fila yirala i la

Literal Translation:
“I want this”, “I don’t want that” — two were shown to you

If you can say “I want this” and “I don’t want that”, it’s because two options were shown to you

Used when someone expresses a preference when in fact they don’t have a choice.

Cf. “Beggars can’t be choosers”.

Alternative Form(s):

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Did this proverb come from Alima’s work? :slightly_smiling_face:


I think it might be in her draft book, but it’s not specifically from her :slight_smile: I just got better at saying it, so I thought it was time to throw something in the Forum since it was getting quiet in here!

Alima and I did film a special video about proverbs though – coming soon in 2023, n’Ala sɔnna! :crossed_fingers:

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