Mory Kanté - "La tension"

Hello again! I have been listening to quite a lot of West African music recently, and I found this song by Mory Kanté in the process. I really enjoy it, and thus I’m really interested in knowing more about it. I can note some French lyrics in the chorus, but I’d also want to know what language the rest of the lyrics are in. It seems to be a Manding variety, but I’m not sure what exact variety, and that’s why I’m asking here once again. And of course, it would also be nice to get some of the lyrics as well.
Thank you in advance!

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I ni ke, @Olivia ! Thanks for posting.

In general, Mory Kanté is a speaker of Maninka. But I wouldn’t be surprised if he sometimes sings in Susu, which is the major local language of Conakry and the coastal region of Guinea.

In this particular song, I’d need to listen much more closely to be able to say when he is singing in what. I listened once and I definitely hear the French chorus, but the verses aren’t super clear. At around 1:15, I think I hear some Maninka words and phrases that I recognize.

Maybe down the road, I’ll be able to dive into this, but in the meantime, I hope someone else can help!

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