Moolaadé (Film)

Moolaadé” film on YouTube with English subtitles.

Short film description: For fear of enduring genital mutilation, a group of girls flee their own “purification” ceremony and take refuge with Collé (Fatoumata Coulibaly), a woman who spared her daughter from the same fate. Collé casts a spell to protect the girls, which causes much consternation among the village elders. In retaliation, the men confiscate all radios from the women in the village and demand that the spell be broken…

Note: The English subtitles aren’t perfect. But, for anyone learning Bambara, if you use this film for added practice, as you rewatch and as you begin to comprehend and understand Bambara more and more, you’ll eventually find yourself not needing a translation. At the same time, you’ll also find yourself, here and there, making your own mental translation corrections! :partying_face: #LevelUp


I ni ce, Christy! :slight_smile: I have been meaning to watch a Sembène film for years – I never realized that this one was in Bambara. Hope to watch soon!

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