Mogo te diya bee ye

Hi everyone.

Can someone help translate and explain the title of the song “Mogo te diya bee ye” from Oumou Sangare please ?

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Hi Yoan!

The title appears to be a non-standard spelling of what would be Mɔgɔ tɛ diya bɛɛ ye.

You can look up all of those words in the dictionary.

But the rough literal translation would be “A person doesn’t please everyone”, as in “You can’t please everyone”.

That said, I don’t know the song well and haven’t listened to the lyrics in any detail, so perhaps it has some other contextual meaning.

If you are interested in the lyrics of the entire song, please post in the category for Lyrics Requests.

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Thank you very much. I tried to figurate it out by myself with the dictionary but I didn’t quite get it.

Thank you for your videos and your website :slight_smile:

See you

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