Meaning of a Name: "Alfusainey" / "Aflusainou"

can anyone tell me if the name “alfusainey / Alfusainou” has a specific meaning?

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I’m not sure by any means, but I’d guess that “Alfusainey” and related forms are West African versions of what we might render as “Alpha Hussein” (with “Hussein” being Arabic originally).

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Coleman is right in saying this “Alfusainey” and its variants originate from Arabic.

In Arabic, it is « الحُسين » (Al Hussain) meaning the little good one.
It is the diminutive form of « الحَسَن » the good one.


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Hi, Thank you guys so so much. :smiley: I really appreciate your help with answering something i`ve been wondering about 30+ years. :+1:t5: :handshake:t5:

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I ni ce, @OUMAR_TOURE ! Really appreciate you weighing in (and I’m glad to have the extra info about the etymology from Arabic historically)! Ala k’i sara!