"Manding/English/French missing" topics are now editable wiki posts and have a template

Aw ni ce!

In effort to keep potential submissions to the “entry/word missing” categories for the dictionary orderly, I’ve done two things:

  • Made the submissions into “wiki posts” by default: this means that anyone can edit them directly (all changes are tracked and can be reverted) if they would like to fix or add something. (I think that “reply” can still be useful for any back-and-forth discussion about the submission, but eventually the conclusions can be incorporated into the original submission :slightly_smiling_face:)
  • Added a template with specific formatting guidance: this means it should be much easier to quickly add something AND potentially it’ll make it easier things to be incorporated into the dictionary itself down the road

Any other ideas for improvements like this elsewhere, let me know! Ka nafa bɔ an ka baara la!

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