Mande/Manding studies at universities in Europe

Hi Mr. Coleman, thanks to your excellent videos I’m learning a lot about languages, literatures, cultures … Mandè thanks to the passion and talent you have and I 'd like to now if there are some universities of Mandè studies, because in Europe there are none except courses in Swahili.

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Nba! Welcome to the Forum, Chiara, and thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:

You originally asked this question on YouTube and I think that you mean that you are interested in programs for studying Manding language and culture in Europe, so that’s what I’m going to try to answer here!

I don’t know of all the places in Europe where there are university courses in Manding or Manding varieties such as Bambara, etc., but here’s some that I am aware of:

  • INALCO: You can study Bambara and Manding linguistics at this French institution (where I myself studied after Peace Corps in Burkina Faso). They have an endowed chair for Manding and, as of writing, they have offer Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in or focused on Bambara/Manding within their African languages department.

  • Humboldt University of Berlin: You can study Bambara here as part of the University’s programs in the Asia-Africa Institute.

  • Bayreuth University: You can study Bambara here as part of their program in African Studies (Afrikanistik).

Other centers for African Studies that you could look into (but that I can’t find any good reference pages for Manding language studies) are the following:

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