Linguistic Terminology in Bambara

A ni tìle! I need help of native speakers that know about the linguistics of Bambara

I am a student at the university of Hamburg in Germany and this semester I have a language course on Bambara and its related languages. For a part of the course, I am looking for translations to the following list of academic linguistic terms. I could not find anything good on the internet and would appreciate your help.

If you have, would you provide me with the source you found the translation (might be a book or class, I have no digital access to). I will update the list with the translations you provide me with :relaxed:

Thank you in advance for your help :blush:

List of words:

  • verb
  • vocal cords
  • phoneme
  • labialisation
  • loan word
  • nasalisation
  • ejective
  • plosive/stop
  • glottalisation
  • palatalisation
  • pharyngealisation
  • aspiration
  • fricative
  • affricate
  • trill
  • lateral
  • liquid
  • nasal
  • obstruent
  • implosive (stop)
  • retroflex
  • affix
  • prefix
  • suffix
  • infix
  • toneme
  • noun
  • phonetics
  • phonetician
  • noun
  • phrase
  • verbal
  • phrase
  • pronoun
  • personal
  • pronoun

Hi Kieper! Welcome to the Forum!

You have asked for a very large number of technical terms from the modern Western scientific tradition of linguistics! :scream:

I won’t venture to provide a potential translation for ALL of the terms you listed.

Instead, you might be interested in the checking the terminology used in the following works:

  • Davydov’s article “On Souleymane Kanté’s "Nko Grammar: This article walks you through some of the technical linguistic terminology coined and used by Sulemaana Kantè in his grammar books (which you could also consult directly)
  • Kassim Koné’s Bamanankan Daɲɛgafe: A monolingual Bambara dictionary that is available in libraries and in print. It has a range of technical linguistic vocabulary translated.
  • Bamanankan Mabɛn: A monolingual Bambara language book explaining Bambara grammar. It was designed for teachers working in adult literacy programs in Mali

If, after some research, you have a specific question about one word or one expression, you can ask in the #language category.