Last name invocation/shoutout pairings & equivalents

Last name invocations/shout-outs ("- I Jalo! - Nba/Nse! I Kulubali") are an important part of greetings and interactions in Manding.

One of the richer part of the system is the use of extended nicknames, praise names or equivalencies (when you use different common last names interchangeably), like those that Emily recently pointed out in the YouTube comments:

If people share those that they know here, this can turn into a resource in itself or be curated later into a nice write-up/list!

Here’s a few to get things started :slight_smile: :

Jalo : I si naani (‘four lineages’)
Keyita : I mansaren (‘royal descendant’)
Dunbuya/Kuruma : I Fakoli (Fakoli being a historical figure connected to Sunjata Keyita)

I’ll be following this thread to learn more… Knowing someone’s praise name gives you a thousand cool guy points. An d’a mafɛnɛ.

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