Ketama, Toumani Diabaté, Danny Thompson - Africa

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Can someone please listen 1:55 - 2:13 part and tell me if they recognize the language? If yes, can you please write down what they’re singing? Much appreciated :heart:

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Aw ni ce ! The part of this song from 1:55-21 3 is in Manding language. Let me write the transcription and translation.

(Dunia mu nɔnɔ lɛ di )
The world is like that.

(Dunia bɛ Yen de nfa)
The world is like that my "dad "

(Dunia bɛ ten de nna)
The world is like that "mum "

(Ɲe miiri la lambe le ma)
I’m thinking about the dignity.


Yes, it is Manding. It sounds like (Eastern) Maninka.

I took a stab at things based off of @Omar’s helpful first pass.

((Duniya mu nɔnɔ le di)) [NOTE: I don’t fully recognize this line, which is why I have put in double parentheses to mark doubt]
((The world is ???))

Duniya bɛ ten ne fa
The world is like that, my father

Duniya bɛ ten ne na
The world is like that, my mother

N ye n miirila lanbe le ma
I’m thinking about dignity


@Omar & @coleman, thank you so much, I love you guys!! :heart:

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Aw ni ɲatuma ! Duniya mu nɔnɔ le di is Khassonké, a Manding language in the western part of Mali, in Kayes région.