Kana wa ("Kanawa"): Nahawa Doumbia album

Awesome Tapes from Africa just released an new album from Nahawa Doumbia, which has a Bambara/Maninka name: Kana wa (“Don’t go”)

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I love this! I ni ce!

Habib Koité has a song called “Kanawa”: Kanawa-Habib Koité - YouTube

I know he sings in Bambara (at least some of the time?) so I’m guessing it’s the same phrase? Other songs of his with words I recognize include “I ka barra” and “Sinama denw”

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I ni ce! Kow bɛ di, Amelia?

Yes, it’s the same phrase: Kana wa :slight_smile: The verb ka wa ‘to go’ is not considered standard Bambara; normally in Bambara, we hear and use ka taa/taga.

Ka wa is standard in Maninka of Guinea, but it also is used in Wasulu and therefore by a lot of musicians :slight_smile:

I don’t know Habib Koité, so not sure how all of that fits into his word choice!