Ka mɔgɔ jankalimɛ-kari | to set someone straight

Continuing the discussion from Jankalimɛ | bastard:

This example sentence from @Christy is an interesting use of a compound verb that combines a noun (jankalimɛ ‘bastard’) and verb (k’à kari ‘to break something’) together in a way that literally means something like “to break something (like a bastard)”.

@OdhranMullan and I recently came across this very expression in a song and I’ve been told that it’s quite frequent in lyrics. The song was “Anw Tile” (‘Our time’) by Rokia Koné and here it is:

Á ye n to à bolo, à ka n jakalimɛ-kari

‘Leave me in his/her hands, and let him/her set me straight

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