I y'a dɔn? = "Yarɔ" / "I yarɔ" / "Yero" / "Yaro"

I notice many times that Bambara speakers will make speak with a sort of quickness that changes how certain words are pronounced.

I believe that this is an example but fact check me if you think otherwise: “I y’a dɔn?” meaning ‘You know?’ in English, will sound like “I yero” when speaking quickly.

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Hi Malik!

Yes, many Bambara speakers informally pronounce the expression “I y’à dɔn?” (lit. ‘You have known it?’, as in ‘You know what I mean?’ or ‘You know what I am saying?’) as something that sounds like “Yarɔ?” or “I yarɔ?”

This is a little bit like English speakers when they say “Ya mean?” for “You know what I mean?”, etc.

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