I like/love/enjoy the rain

I know rain is Sanji and I love you is N’Bife,
how would one say “I love the rain” or “I really enjoy the rain”?

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I ni ce, Assitan! Thanks for posting in the Forum :slight_smile:

The simplest and most typical way to express this would be something like this using the qualitative verb di (‘pleasant; pleasing; nice; good’). Start with something like this:

Sanji ka di
‘Rain is pleasing’

Then you would add a little “postpositional phrase” to make it particular to you:

Sanji ka di n ye
‘Rain is pleasing to me

This structure X ka di __ ye (‘X is pleasing to ___’) is the most typical way to express what in English is “to like/love something”.

Hope that helps!


You can also say: N bɛ sanji fɛ. Which means I like rain, but Coleman’s response is probably the better one.


Good point, Malik!

I’d add that N bɛ sanji fɛ can also mean ‘I want rain’. So, actually, the expression N b’i fɛ, @Assitan_K, can mean ‘I want you’ too.

This kind of thing is also the case in other languages like Spanish where “Te quiero” means “I want you”, but is also used to say/mean “I love you”.

I wrote a full blogpost about the use of for expressing the idea of “to love”, in case that’s helpful to review the grammar!


Yes, it does, Thank You!

Thanks to you both. I will check the blog post as well. :smiley: