How to submit a word as "Not found" in the Dictionary

If you look up a word in the dictionary (in any language; Bambara/Jula, English or French) and it’s not found, you can click on link to easily submit the word to the Forum so that someone can help you or a future improvement can be made to the dictionary.


  1. Look up the word

  2. Click on the prompt to submit your “Not Found” word to the Forum
    Here’s a screenshot showing where you need to click:

To complete your submission, you need have an account for the Forum.

If you don’t have one or you are not logged in, you will see this:

From there, you can log in or click “Create your account” for free!

If you are logged in, a topic/post will automatically be drafted for you with some instructions:

  1. Fill it out and post your “Not found” submission.

  2. You will hopefully hear back from someone in the Forum soon :slight_smile: