How to pronounce "cɛɲi" (beautiful) in Bambara

Hi. Can someone please help me pronounce the word “beautiful” in Bambara? I think it is written cɛɲi.

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@lilit And if you want to say “you are beautiful” it’s i cɛ ka ɲi

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Hi Lilit! The pronunciation of the word “cɛɲi” is going to be something like [chay-nyi] if I had to approximate it for someone using English spelling conventions.

As @malikdiallo pointed out, there are other ways to say “beautiful” in Bambara – the best form to use will depend on the context and the grammar of the sentence. For instance:

Muso cɛɲi bɛ taa

‘The beautiful/pretty woman is going’


Muso nin, à cɛ ka ɲi

‘This woman, she is beautiful’