Have a sense of humour

Aw ni sɔgɔma!
I tried tô find an expression of " having a sense of humour" in tè dictionary. I could’ nt. Mabe because it’ s not in a single word.
So, how can i express, that a person has a good or no sense of humour?
Thanks a lot !
I ni ce !

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Nba! I ni ce, @elbe1 ! I ka kɛnɛ?

Good question. I think that in simple terms the expression “to have a sense of humor/humour” means something like “you can see the funny side of things and enjoy making others laugh”. As such, maybe you could say something like:

Tulon ka di à ye

“He/she likes play


I nisɔn ka di

“You are cheerful” (lit. “Your heart is sweet”)


À bɛ mɔgɔ bila yɛlɛ la

"He/she makes people laugh (lit. “He/she puts puts people into laughter”)

Why don’t you try one of those and see if it jives with your friend/interlocutor? Let us know!

PS - I should add that the following proverb comes to mind:

Tulon tɛ sɛbɛ sa

“Play doesn’t kill seriousness”

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I ni ce, Coleman! O bɛna n’ dɛmɛ kɔsɛbɛ ! Ala ka dogokun hɛɛrɛ caya!
K’ an bɛn

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