Hakilintan | selfish?

Posting this suggestion submission which came from @malikdiallo via the “Report a mistake” form:

It (hakilintan) means ‘selfish’, but stupid is hakiligo

My response to you @malikdiallo:

I am not sure that I agree with you entirely. Hakilintan is literally hakili + - ntan ‘lack of’ so it’s more literally ‘lack of thought’ or ‘without thought’ than ‘selfish’ necessarily.

That said, perhaps ‘selfish’ is an additional sense of the word that could be incorporated into the dictionary or should be mentioned in the forum (because long-term the dictionary will be linked to the forum; searches will reveal both the dictionary results and potentially relevant forum discussions).

Do you have a specific example of where it should be interpreted as “selfish” in English? I ni ce! :slight_smile: