Exciting Personal News! (and what it means for AKT and the Forum)

Aw ni ce, everyone!

I’m reaching out with some exciting personal news! Wanna hear about it in video form? Watch or click below. Otherwise, keep reading below!

My partner and I are having a baby in the coming weeks! :tada: This joyful event merits many dugawu, but what does it mean for you and “An ka taa”?

It means that sometime before early November, I’ll be on paternity leave for a month and then adjusting to being a dad. But here’s what you can expect:

  • Monthly 2023 videos on YouTube: I’ve mostly been able to prepare videos until year’s end, so, n’Ala sɔnna, there won’t be any break before the year’s end!
  • Website, Dictionary, Courses, Forum: 100% operational, but I might be slightly slower in responding during paternity leave. Your patience is appreciated!
  • 2024 video production schedule: I’ll keep you updated about this once my partner and I have settled into a routine with our daughter, etc. I would love to say that An ka taa will be producing more than one video a month, but that hinges primarily on audience support. Wanna help? Click here to become a patron! (Did you know that Forum exists because of patrons? Yes, the hosting is free because AKT is patron-backed via Patreon!)

N ka foli bɛ aw bɛɛ lajɛlen ye! Thanks for your well wishes and for being a part of AKT!


I ni ce, Coleman!
This is great news! I wish you good luck for this upcoming exiting time!

Ala k’ an bɛn

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ALLAH ka dén gnuman na, k’aa kai dén kunandi yé

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Amiina, Oumar! Ala ka dugawu minɛ :slight_smile: